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Our clean, intuitive RESTful API underpins everything we do. 100% of our partnerships are reliant on this API to provide real time access to 90,000+ events around the globe.

So far, the record held for production deployment is two weeks, with handover to testing in a remarkable 2 days.

You create the user experience, we'll do the legwork.

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Web App

The layer on top of our API is our super responsive, delightful web app; served in flavours to suit our clients' needs. Full white label, jointly branded or full hand off. Pick the model that suits.

Choice is critical, but sometimes can be overwhelming and so we've designed a beautiful interface for inspiration and discovery. And a very direct buy-flow for those who absolutely know what they want and don't have time to linger.

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Not all tech, not all service but a lot of both

The tech bit

In a sense our job's simple: we're matching up your customers with the exact right option for their family day out, for the best view of the big game or for the right combination for date night.

You can use our API and our web app or simply deploy the 'discovery' end-points on your environment and 'punchout' to us for sales and fulfilment.

In all cases, we're weeks away from a solution being in place.

The services

Our team can curate a custom built bank of content that will engage and delight your customers while providing them with direct links to the events of their choice.

We'll ensure we deliver your brand promise by watching in the background to ensure that all tickets sold are safely in the hands of your customers in plenty of time for the event and that their entry into the stadium, park or venue is effortless.

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